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Car damage assessment after an accident

by sellrentcars

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of motorists for the entire driving experience manage to never become a participant in an accident.

Even if you carefully monitor the technical condition of your car and always follow the rules of the road, there is still a high probability of becoming a participant in an accident. This is due to the fact that there are a huge number of drivers on the road, and not all of them conscientiously comply with traffic rules.

As a result of an accident, the car can be severely damaged, and the fact that you have an insurance policy on hand cannot be called a guarantee that the amount paid by the insurance company will be able to fully cover the cost of repairs. This is due to the fact that in order to reliably calculate the real amount of damage, it is required that the assessment of the machine be carried out impartially and objectively.

Therefore, it is undesirable to agree that the examination takes place in a center recommended by representatives of the insurance company. Of course, agents will try to assure that such an examination will not differ in any way from a similar procedure that will be carried out in another service. But even a child understands that the experts involved in their activities at the insurance company cannot be completely independent of the employer, therefore, in the case of contacting such a center, one does not have to wait for an objective assessment of the damage.

For an insurance company, as for any company conducting commercial activities, profit will always be a priority. A large income can only be obtained if costs are reduced, that is, savings on insurance payments. So a specialist working for the insurer, conducting an examination, will try to minimize the amount of damage as much as possible.

In this regard, if you want the damage assessment to be carried out as objectively as possible, you should contact experts who have nothing to do with insurers.

In addition, in such a situation, the law is on the side of the motorist, since he is entitled to order an examination in any company of his choice.

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