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Features of the BMW car security system

by sellrentcars

In the twenty-first century, BMW sales are carried out in many countries of the world. The cars of this German company are in rather high demand, and also because the engineers of the BMW concern not only care about the external beauty and driving performance of their cars, but also that driving in them is as safe as possible.

Active vehicle safety refers to everything that can prevent a dangerous situation. Passive safety means everything that, in the worst case, will limit the risk of injury and injury to all participants in a road traffic accident. But the term “car protection” means technical measures aimed at preventing or facilitating repairs after a traffic accident. Only when all this is competently combined into a single constructively thought-out concept, the car can be considered truly safe.

Seat belts may gradually lose their useful protective functions if they are not resistant to aging. And a stable passenger compartment may not provide sufficient safety if its cavities have suffered from corrosion. But all these aspects are taken into account by BMW employees at the initial stage of car design.

When designing their cars, BMW engineers implement various measures aimed at reducing the risk of injury to cyclists and pedestrians in the event of a collision with a BMW brand car. Therefore, the front part of the body of BMW vehicles is rounded, the bumper systems have a resilient plastic lining, the windshield is laminated, and the windshield wipers are partially recessed.

In terms of car protection, BMW engineers have developed a system of so-called programmed energy absorption – in the design of the cars they created there are additional deformable elements that prevent major damage to the load-bearing parts of the body during a frontal collision of a car with an obstacle at speeds up to 15 km / h.

The most modern means of protection against impact during inertial motion during a collision is an air bag. In the event of a violent collision, the occupant’s head and chest are protected from a dangerous impact on the steering wheel by this airbag, which inflates almost instantly, in less than 40 milliseconds.

Perhaps, in car dealerships where BMW parts are sold, consultants will be able to tell you more about this security system.

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