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Feedback from a happy owner of Opel Meriva

by sellrentcars

I want to share with all my impressions about the recently purchased car Opel Meriva. Initially, they were going to take Astra H with his wife. We arrived at the salon and had already begun to discuss with the manager what equipment to choose, when suddenly I saw her. I showed my wife this car and we decided to sit in the salon of this beauty. Once in the cabin of this miracle, I didn’t want to leave at all.

I asked the seller for a test drive, although my heart already told me that this was the car I would buy. I ordered a car with the maximum configuration and a 1.6-liter engine. Here and automatic transmission Easytronic, and climate control, and pillows, etc.d. Color chosen metallic silver.

So far, for this short time of owning this beauty, I have never regretted that I chose it on her. Particularly pleased with the interior. The Opel Meriva car is very spacious for both the driver with the front passenger and the rear passengers. In the cabin quietly, nowhere does it creak and does not squeak. As for management, it is worth noting that the machine is very obedient. The steering wheel easily turns the wheels, and with a light touch of the brake pedal, the car smoothly and confidently stops.

The motor is very frisky, given that the torque is transmitted by an automatic box. In terms of fuel consumption, it cannot be said that the car is economical, but also not gluttonous. About 8 liters for every hundred kilometers. But this is with a calm ride, since I ride just in such a manner. If you crush, then the consumption will be somewhere all 9 liters.

A driver’s seat can be adjusted to any driver growth and its complexion. The dimensions of the car felt right away. In terms of parking, she has a big plus – short nose. In general, the impressions are only positive. I advise everyone.

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