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Benefits of using artificially grown diamonds: main aspects

by buma888

The jewelry brand Shiphra was one of the first to use laboratory-grown diamonds in the manufacture of jewelry. This does not mean that this type of gemstone is not real and is not worth attention.

Jewelry brand Shiphra is well aware of the benefits of using lab-grown diamonds:

  • stones have ideal brightness and have clearly defined edges. Without special equipment, they cannot be distinguished from natural stone;
  • Diamonds grown in a laboratory can have any color. Their coloring is perfect, they have no visible flaws and are sold at more reasonable prices than the originals;
  • lower cost of jewelry with artificially grown stone. Their cost is almost 40% cheaper, but the stone retains its purity, cut and perfect color;
  • By purchasing rings for engagement or engagement, you can save a decent amount and use it to organize a wedding celebration or travel.

Laboratory-grown diamonds are less expensive to produce than natural stone. They are considered environmentally friendly.

What jewelry options does the Shiphra brand offer?

The collections of this company consist of jewelry with artificially grown diamonds. This technology has been studied for a hundred years and has now reached a high level at which it is difficult to distinguish artificial stone from real stone without special equipment.

The jewelry brand “Shiphra” produces a wide range of jewelry for women:

  • earrings;
  • rings;
  • necklaces and necklaces;
  • bracelets.

All products are made in different styles and every fashionista will be able to choose a model to her liking. Precious stones that decorate products have the same set of properties as a natural diamond.

The stones are certified, as they have been examined in gemological laboratories and institutions. They are distinguished by high quality, a wide range of shades and shapes.

The founder of the company, Victoria, is of the opinion that laboratory technology for growing precious stones has advantages due to the ability to create extraordinary shapes of stones and different shades of color, identical to real ones. This technological breakthrough will be appreciated by people for whom environmental conservation comes first.

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