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Features of the design of graves with products from Karelian granite

by sellrentcars

When choosing raw materials for the manufacture of tombstones, you should pay attention to the quality of the material. It must be well tolerated by the effects of natural conditions and not lose its appearance over time. Many prefer Karelian granite. A distinctive feature of the stone is that it has a strong structure, while being amenable to tooling. Sculptors can carve products of any shape, and then carefully polish the surface. This will give the tombstone a deep shine and extra protection. The design of graves has its own characteristics, which must be taken into account before ordering monuments from granite.

What nuances should you pay attention to when developing the design of the stele?

It is important to think over the details of the appearance of the tombstone so that the texts and symbols do not re -reduce the religion of the deceased. If you do not want the grave to stand out in the cemetery, try to adhere to the shape of neighboring products. For the inscriptions to look harmoniously on the stove, it is recommended to choose rounded fonts for curly steles, for straight lines – even. It is standardly customary to apply a photograph of the deceased on the monument, his last name, name, patronymic and period of life. If the grave is made in the form of a sculpture, all the information can be placed on the pedestal.

Want to install a budget stele? Pay attention to rectangular slabs with a straight, rounded or pointed top. Depending on your wishes, experts will put on the stone an epitaph on behalf of the deceased, lines from a literary work, a drawing of an angel, a bird or laurel branches. If you are interested in figured products, you can order a monument in the shape of a cross or consider carved options. In the latter case, craftsmen carve three-dimensional figures of roses, carnations, ears of wheat on granite.

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