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The main types of paint and varnish coatings for a car

by sellrentcars

For those who plan to paint their car, it will be interesting to know that there are a certain number of types of paints, as well as varnishes and technologies.

The main types of paints and varnishes, which are performed by car painting are the following:

one.Acrylic paint, which is a simple, no-effect coating. In other words, this is a simple color (for example, red) that a car is painted in. This is a kit that includes the paint itself and the activator, when mixed, a chemical process occurs, after which the paint hardens. The advantage of acrylic paint is that it can be polished, which means that by polishing it is possible to remove some inaccuracies (for example, debris, smudges, etc.).

2.Metallics, which allow you to paint the car in metallic. This type involves two steps. During the first, the base coat is applied, during the second, acrylic varnish is applied to the base coat. As a base coat (popularly BAZA), a set of coloring pigments is used, giving color and a metallic effect. Minus – this type does not give shine and body protection. The base coating is dissolved by means of a solvent, and drying occurs quickly due to the evaporation of the solvent from its composition. After the base is applied, the second stage of car painting is performed, which involves varnishing the body or parts on top of the base coat.

3.Buy priligy mother-of-pearl and three-layer coating, which provides that three different components are applied to the car. If mother-of-pearl is being painted, then first a base is applied without a metallic effect, for example, a white base, then a special component is applied – mother-of-pearl, and then acrylic varnish. Pigment can be added to the clear acrylic lacquer, thanks to which a special effect is given to the painting of the car.

four.Auto painting a car in a chameleon. This type of car painting is almost identical to painting a car in metallic. The difference lies in the fact that for this case a special base is used, thanks to which the effect of the transition of one color to another is given. The difference also lies in the filler, in metal grains.

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