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Features of the choice of car wheels

by sellrentcars

A great way to personalize your car is to install original car rims. These parts can be divided into two main types – stamped and light alloy. The first are made of steel and are installed on cars as standard during manufacture, but often have a boring appearance, plus they are susceptible to corrosion.

Alloy car wheels are more attractive, two methods are used in their manufacture – casting and forging. This type of rims is currently the most popular among car owners.

The most popular are forged magnesium wheels – they are light in weight and have high strength. Naturally, magnesium discs are more expensive, which is explained by the complex manufacturing process and long service life. But, these discs do not tolerate contact with chloride compounds, for example, with salt, which covers roads in winter. Also, forged magnesium wheels are characterized by low corrosion resistance, and in combination with salt, these wheels instantly rust.

A good choice are aluminum alloy wheels, which are light in weight and have a lot of positive properties, plus, aluminum wheels in the automotive market are presented in a huge assortment and are not distinguished by a high price. Also, due to the softness of aluminum, wheels made of this material have the most unimaginable shapes, allowing you to give the car a touch of individuality.

If we consider car rims as a means of giving individuality and standing out from the crowd, chrome rims and rims with spinning elements that continue to spin even after the car has stopped will help in this regard.

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