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The Pension Fund of Russia wants to buy a representative car

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The Pension Fund of Russia wants to buy a representative car

The Pension Fund of Russia dreams of purchasing an executive car for its own needs. This fund placed a state order back in November, but the federal authorities, namely the antimonopoly service, became interested in this order, and because of this, the auction had to be postponed in order to correct the documentation.

But the new documentation for any is written for a specific car. Fund employees wrote a bunch of good reasons that hint that, in terms of technical parameters, they only need a BMW 750Li. The technical requirements limit the length (from 5.180 to 5.260 m), wheelbase (from 3.090 to 3.210 m), width (from 1.870 to 1.950 m), trunk volume, weight, tank volume, rear and front wheel track. The most interesting thing is that they require the car to accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in 5-6 seconds.

The equipment of the machine must be rich enough. According to the foundation, the car must be equipped with ventilation, a power rear curtain, heated seats, adaptive headlights, a DVD entertainment system, and even a smoker’s package. Applications for this auction at the Pension Fund of Russia are accepted until December 12. The initial cost of the contract is 4750 thousand. rubles.

Last year, in September, a bill was adopted that limits the cost of a car for civil servants to two million rubles. If the cost of a car for a particular official exceeds the specified amount, then permission from the Russian government is required for this purchase.

President Dmitry Medvedev also expressed his dissatisfaction with the purchase of expensive cars. His attention was attracted by the Federal Customs Service, which placed an order for the purchase of five vehicles with a total cost of about 17 million. rubles. Their order includes luxury buses: Hyundai Universe Space Luxury, Ford Transit and 2 Mercedes, which cost about 3,000 thousand. rubles. The leadership of the Federal Customs Service motivates its order with the need to update the fleet.

These arguments seemed unconvincing to the President of the Russian Federation. He demanded that the Federal Customs Service (FCS) purchase cars centrally at reasonable prices and with reasonable consumer properties, without the luxury required by the FCS.

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