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Koenigsegg Ager against Aston Martin One-77

by sellrentcars

Futuristic-cosmic car against kara-spider-this is a race of $ 1.5 million! That is how much these machines cost!

At first, Koenigsegg was not going to launch serial ager, as its characteristics were already amazing. But the royal family of Oman made an order to the Swedes for 1110 a strong version of this punishment, and this order was completed. The owner of Brunda Christian von Kionigsengu really liked the result, so much that it was decided to establish a serial production of this machine. The Koenigsegg was first presented at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, where it was the lightest supercar. In 2012, an updated car was shown in Geneva. Engineers put on Koenigsegg completely carbon fiber wheels (the only metal part on them was a nipple), which greatly facilitated the mass. A special coating was also applied to the cylinder liners, which made it possible to significantly reduce friction, and this, accordingly, reduced fuel consumption. Delivered own engine management software, as well as a new stabilization system. The exhaust system was lightened, the suspension was improved.

It would seem that Koenigsegg should overtake rival Aston Martin: the power of its 8-cylinder engine is 910 horsepower versus 700 horsepower, and the speed is 390 kilometers per hour versus 350 kilometers per hour. But it was Aston Martin, with its xenon headlights, electrically controlled suspension, parking sensors and climate control, that won the prestigious race at the Italian Villa d’Este, where only the world’s most sophisticated cars compete! Here, guess! Now, when choosing the same domestic car, you should find out the differences between the Bogdan 2110 car and the VAZ 2110 in order to make the most successful choice.

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