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Features of car air conditioners

by sellrentcars

Of the varieties of automotive air conditioners that exist today, mechanical ones are most in demand. A characteristic feature of such air conditioners is that they are powered by an engine belt.

However, mechanical air conditioners are quite capricious during operation, because they need periodic maintenance. So, if you do not conduct a timely inspection of the compressor, then at the wrong time it may fail due to the bearings becoming unusable.

When servicing a mechanical air conditioner, be sure to inspect its radiator, which is usually located above the main car radiator. If it becomes dirty, it must be cleaned and washed.

If the motor cushions are worn out, they must be replaced immediately. Also, attention should be paid to the high and low pressure pipes. The situation is different with electric air conditioners. The main unit of this type of air conditioner, located on the roof of the machine, consists of a compressor and a condenser.

For all their unpretentiousness in operation and maintenance, such air conditioners are intended for installation, as a rule, on overall vehicles. Since electric air conditioners do not work from the car engine, the main reason for their failure is excluded.

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