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BMW of the first series (118i), its features, advantages and disadvantages, part 2

by sellrentcars

3. The power plant’s power plant is well known, but it (engine) nullifies all the advantages and capabilities of the rear -wheel drive. Some fans of the new “unit” explain this nonsense in that this model is not a rear -wheel drive sports car. However, they find it difficult to explain the fact that BMW shaking, which is not attended by “118i” passengers, even on minor irregularities of the road. Disconnecting the stabilization system allows you to slightly improve the situation and maximize the capabilities of the 136-horsepower aggregate installation. However, the aggressive driving style leads to the glide of the front wheels when entering the turn. The use of engine power by 75% guarantees the driver’s control control, but you should carefully level the wheels due to a sharp restoration of rubber clutch with the road surface. four. Advantages and disadvantages In fairness, we note that the advantages of the new “BMW 118i” are much less than the disadvantages, and much less than we would like. First of all, this, of course, is possessing the possibilities provided by the presence of the rear -wheel drive. In addition, they include attractive design, comfortable conditions created for the driver, the efficiency of power plant, high quality assembly operations and materials. That’s perhaps all. You can also purchase . The new “unit” has incomparably larger disadvantages and they are more significant: – complex multi -stage setting (adjustment) of electronic controller systems; – a cramped interior, especially the rear sofa, separated by an inexplicable common sense; – a hardy steering wheel that does not return to the central position with small values ​​of axial deviations; – automatic transmission, not revealing all its capabilities, due to the limited abilities of the four-cylinder engine; – the high cost of a “unit” (the price of a modest basic version reaches 750 thousand Russian rubles).

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