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Spyker-grown ‘hunter’ takes aim at Porsche (video)

by sellrentcars

Spyker, which is known for its original sports cars, has decided to take a chance in the big leagues of this segment. The leaders of this company believe that the new Spiker is quite capable of luring a buyer from Porsche. Most likely, the presentation of the B6 Venator concept is a kind of test of this idea for performance.

It just so happens that when creating almost any supercar, engineers are based on moments in the history of the company. So, in the 20s, the Spyker enterprise, whose specialization was the production of aircraft, produced the Hunter fighter (translated as “hunter”). And now, in our time, a new concept has appeared – Venator, whose name also means “hunter”.

Aero theme, in the exterior of their cars, Spyker has been using for quite some time. To use these motives in the new concept, which is named after the fighter, the Dutch were simply obliged. Thus, a proper dashboard, domed glass, vaguely reminiscent of an airplane hubcap, and a radiator grille stylized under the overall design were added to the standard design of the central panel and gear lever. With all this, the rear LED lighting, in its design, resembles the exhaust of a jet engine.

Spyker B6 Venator is built from aluminum alloy and carbon fiber, and has a mid-engine layout with a transverse power plant. Representatives of the company have not yet disclosed details about the technical side of the machine. It is only known for sure that the engine power exceeds 375 liters.With. By the way, according to the director of the brand – Viktor Muller, the Venator model will become the “new chapter” of the company, which will have high demand and very popularity. The novelty will enter mass production in 2014, and contrary to all assumptions, it will be sold at a not so high price. The approximate cost of a mid-engined Spyker will range from 125 to 150 thousand. dollars.

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