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Business organization: how to open your own car service

by sellrentcars

Own business is always a priority, but you should take its organization with all responsibility. When it comes to car maintenance, this service will always be relevant. But you need to know how to properly organize such activities.

Nowadays, competition in the field of car services is very serious, and this is due to the recent abolition of the mandatory license for this type of activity. Now, having bought equipment for a car service and hiring good specialists, you can open your own repair shop. However, for a more successful promotion of a car service, you should know some of its features.

For a more efficient operation of a car service, first of all, you should take care of its location. The most optimal plot area for its construction is at least 4 acres. In this case, it should be borne in mind that such a structure should be located at a distance of at least 50 m from any residential buildings. To obtain a permit for the construction of a car service, you need to go through a number of instances – the traffic police, the fire department, the sanitary and epidemiological station.

To achieve business profitability, it is worth giving preference to a territory that is as close as possible to roads, major highways, intersections – this will help advertise car service services much faster. Also, an important factor that will allow the enterprise to fully function is the presence of a centralized sewer system.

A plot for the construction of a car service center can be purchased or rented. However, in addition to the site, you need to take care of acquiring the necessary equipment and hiring good specialists. It should be understood that an experienced auto mechanic will not work for a penny, so you should not save on paying for his work.

The next stage of the organization of a car service is the purchase of a lift. You can choose both imported and domestic units. For more efficient work, you should also purchase tire fitting equipment.

Before opening a car service, you should accurately determine the list of all services that will be provided to customers. As practice has shown, the most common services today are: clutch replacement, wheel balancing, car body restoration, engine repair. That is why, before organizing such a serious business, you should draw up a detailed business plan, describing all costs and possible profits.

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