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Transport problems in Yekaterinburg

by sellrentcars

Yekaterinburg may face a collapse in transportation and public transport, as the conflict between the carriers and the head of the administration Yakob reached its climax. Ten major companies sent a joint letter asking to solve their problems.

Recall that the story began at the end of summer, when representatives of the companies were gathered by the head of the transport committee, Kurlykov, and announced that this year there would be no compensation for the free transportation of privileged citizens. This is due to the fact that the allocated funds, namely 195 million rubles, went to finance and improve the ETTU, and, in addition, 50 new buses were purchased for the “Municipal Association of Bus Enterprises”. According to businessmen, such spending of targeted funds is illegal and it was this that caused the lack of money in the budget for their needs. In general, railway transportation to Yekaterinburg expects similar problems.The chief of staff is being asked to either take action on violations of federal laws, or cancel the burden of transportation of pensioners and beneficiaries for private companies, or resume compensatory payments to enterprises for free transportation.

Representatives of carriers voiced not only demands, but also a number of forced threats. According to them, such a policy of the transport committee has put the companies on the brink of survival and, if the situation is not resolved in the near future, many of them face bankruptcy. It is not difficult to guess what this threatens for the residents of Yekaterinburg. Well, the first problems may begin in the coming days, because, according to carriers, in December they will have to reduce bus schedules and remove some routes. The second part of the threats is addressed directly to the head of administration, businessmen threaten, in case of inaction, they will involve the prosecutor’s office. For the leadership of the city administration, this sounds really threatening, since they have a lot of unresolved problems with law enforcement agencies.

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