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About the most luxurious SUV

by sellrentcars

Eterniti Artemis is an off-road supercar that recently represented Eterniti in Beijing. Hemera – under this name he was known before. Last year’s Frankfurt auto show is where the concept’s creators made their first appearance. However, almost a production car reached China. And the matter here was not limited to a slight adjustment in appearance and a name change.

Porsche Cayenne – at its core, Eterniti Artemis is a fanatically pumped version of this particular model. The exterior of the car has undergone a complete overhaul. Emblems on the sides, wheel optics, radiator grille – these are not all the changes in the current version. Manufacturer hand-fits Eternity Artemis body panels. Carbon is used in their production. The most expensive materials were used to decorate the interior, which was also created by hand. Sheep wool rugs – this is what the development boasts. One hundred millimeters more legroom for rear passengers when comparing the new car and the standard Cayenne. Cooling and heating functions are now also available for the seats. With the help of special holders, you can fix the iPad, without which it could not have done here either.

Porsche Cayenne Turbo in its configuration contains the same engine that was included in the Eternity Artemis. After refinement, it is capable of delivering 591 horsepower, this is a 4.8-liter turbocharged V8. It takes just four and a half seconds for a car to accelerate to a hundred kilometers per hour. 290 kilometers per hour – at this mark is the maximum speed. Asia is the main market for Eternity Artemis. 335 thousand US dollars – it was in this amount that the creation was valued by the British themselves. It is planned that already during the auto show in Beijing, the company will be able to receive the first orders. This summer, it is planned to start the production of an off -road supercar.

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