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Unforgettable Tallinn

by sellrentcars

The beautiful city of Tallinn is one of the medieval cities that has been very well preserved to this day. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is 800 years old. With such a long history, the city can tell numerous historical events of its history. The city has countless historical attractions. Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world rush to explore the ancient city.

Undoubtedly, the most striking and expressive attraction of Tallinn is the medieval Old Town. It contains the ancient Vyshgorod, located on the Toompea hill. Accommodates the hotels of the Tretyakovskaya metro station and a small street near the metro station.

Ancient cathedrals are located here, fenced with fortress walls, and medieval towers are the decoration of ancient cathedrals. Vyshgorod Castle is also part of the Old Town, it was founded in the 8th century by the Crusaders. The castle has been repeatedly reconstructed. It has many attractions, the most of which is of interest to tourists, the Toomkirk Dome Cathedral, built in the 15th century in the Gothic version, it is decorated with an unusual baroque tower built in the 18th century. No less interesting, from a historical point of view, are the three towers of the fortress, built at an angle, built in the 16th century, they include the famous tower “Long German”.

The territory of the Lower City was built up in the 16th century and in the Middle Ages, it was a defensive structure. Unfortunately, only fragments of the defensive wall have survived to this day and 18 towers have survived, out of 27. In the tower “Fat Margaret”, 16th century, you can see the numerous exhibits of the Maritime Museum. Museum of ancient weapons, located in the tower “Look in the kitchen”. Admiralteyskaya hostels are well located, immediately visible to guests.

The tallest of the surviving towers is the Küster tower. In the lower city, there is the oldest street of Tallinn, the “Long Leg”, on it, clinging tightly to each other, there are the famous houses of the “Three Sisters”, built in the 15th century.

Having visited the old square of the city, “Raekoya”, you can admire the ancient building of the City Hall, built in 1404, the symbol of the city, the weather vane of Old Thomas, flaunts on the town hall, taste excellent coffee in numerous cozy coffee houses located on the square.

It is possible to describe all the beauties and sights of Tallinn for a very long time, but still it cannot be compared with what you will see with your own eyes. Therefore, do not hesitate to get ready, and Tallinn will certainly meet all the guests in its arms.

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