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Updated Focus sedan from Ford

by sellrentcars

Not stopping at the new hatchback and station wagon, Ford is also giving the Focus a facelift in the sedan, which now boasts a new “look” and a wider range of equipment. Did he see the light at the New York Auto Show?.

The new sedan from Ford did not bring anything special and unprecedented. Like its updated “colleagues”, the Focus was equipped with new bumpers, innovative lighting, a well-designed hood and a proprietary grille similar to Aston Martin. In addition, restyling brought this sedan a different trunk lid, due to a change in the taillights.

Focus Focus was also equipped with an upgraded center console, an improved steering wheel and more innovative climate control and multimedia. In addition to all this, Ford also claims that the US market will see a rear-view camera as standard in this sedan, which meets the new American manufacturer standards.

Also, the list of new equipment will be replenished with an upgraded multimedia system and a variety of electronic assistants for the driver, in particular, a system that supports lane movement. The range of engines of this sedan after restyling will be represented by the famous three-cylinder engine called Ford EcoBoost, with a volume of 1 liter. The Russian market of motor transport consumers will see the updated four-door Focus only in the coming year. So this sedan will not appear in Ford car services soon. And the production of these three types of Focus in an updated form will be launched at the Ford Sollers plant, which is located in Vsevolozhsk.

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