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Renault Duster car overview

by sellrentcars

This model has appeared on the Russian market since December 2011 and has already fallen in love with many. Renault Duster is an SUV for the city and country trips with the whole family. It is comfortable, roomy, reliable and stylish. Many can safely say that this car was simply created for Russia. And this is true, because the car has excellent conductivity, handling and is not afraid of our roads. In addition, it is possible to buy a Duster on credit, which is a definite plus for Russian citizens. What other benefits does this car have??


Attractive design – the first thing that catches your eye when you see Renault Duster. However, we all know that you don’t judge by the cover, and buying a car, relying only on the appearance is stupid. Need to know what’s inside.

Renault Duster has the following advantages:


spacious salon;



attractive price.

This is truly a family car, because five people can fit in it without much effort. At the same time, they will not put pressure on each other – there is enough space for everyone here. Car trunk is very spacious. It will include not only a stroller, but also a mountain of other things.

Comfortable and stylish interior will please any driver. The car is equipped with everything you need: from air conditioning to heated seats. Renault Duster will be convenient for both children and adults.

Buying a Renault Duster means buying a reliable economy class car. Economical and high-quality engines will be the key to your safe and quiet driving on the roads.

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