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BMW steps into the future

by sellrentcars

Each automaker, in addition to worries about today and tomorrow, has a promising plan for the future. To stake the road on the highways of the 20s-30s of our century quite understandable and justified intention. Therefore, the decision of the leadership of Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) hold a meeting on July 1 with representatives of the largest companies engaged in information technology, Intel and Mobileye, was expected and logical. It is symbolic that the meeting took place near the den of the German industrial car concerns near Munich in the building of the center of advanced technologies.

Recently, here and there there are reports about the development or plans of large automobile companies to produce robots, or, as they are called, Bespilniks. Such bright players on the car market as Nissan, Mersedes, Toyota, Tesla were seen in this. Robotic vehicles developed by Google have been moving on American roads since 2009, constantly improving the software, trying to adapt to inadequate drivers and passengers.

BMW representatives were silent, they did not make statements on this topic. But, apparently, the time … Experts believe that the subject of a meeting near Munich was a discussion of the concept of creating a car – a drone.

The municipal authorities of different countries are seriously preparing for the appearance of cars without a driver on the roads of their cities. In Japan, the capital of the 2020 Olympics, by the time of its opening they plan to let such cars – taxi. Fiction is gradually invading our everyday life. Imagine, turn to the driver to ask where to buy spare parts on BMW X5, and in response silence ..

Jokes jokes, but municipalists, lawyers, and traffic inspectorate are preparing for a new generation of cars. The Japanese decided to assign responsibility in advance for the commission of an accident on the drone operator. A scientific treatise has appeared in the Massachusetts Higher Educational Institution (USA) about the prospects for such cars and the revolutionary changes expected on the roads. Russia is also preparing for changes. The test of the first robomes on our roads is planned in a year. Road signs informing motorists about a possible meeting with a drone are prepared. Judging by the tests of robes in California, people do not quite understand the actions of such cars for which the punctual execution of the rules, especially in the area of ​​traffic lights, pedestrian crossings is strictly binding.

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