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Koenigsegg Agera and Agera R. Two of a casket.

by sellrentcars

Swedish cars always stood aloof from eminent European brands, but differed in a very close -knit group of fans, which create quite good demand not only for new cars, but also for cars of 10 and 20 years of age. And that means something. But this time we’ll talk not about the popular Volvo and Saab, but about the more exclusive Koenigsegg, which turned 20 years ago a few months ago. At one time they tried to buy Saab, but the deal fell off. It was probably for the better, because now all the forces can be allowed to create hypercars.

Koenigsegg Agera is not a new model, it was released 5 years ago in honor of the birthday of the company. However, she remains one of the most curious. Probably, if it was produced in a slightly larger series, then the Swedish winter tires gislaved, the price of which is quite affordable, would be installed on these machines from the factory.

A 5 liter V8 was installed on the first generation of Ager, which issues 940 forces, and in the new Ager R-this engine was finalized and equipped with Twin-Turbo system, so the machine now shows a beautiful figure in 1110 forces. Interestingly, the gearbox remained the same 7 -step with switching on steering wheel petals, at the same level there was acceleration to 300 km \ h – 14.5s.

Agera R also had restyling, which included new discs that facilitated a couple of tens of tens of kg. A piston group was also finalized, the cylinders received a new spraying that reduces friction. Innovation of the company was used immediately – a new type of suspension with 3 levers. The electronic stabilizer, although not invented by the Swedes, became a standard option for them.

Koenigseg engineers continue to work hard on creating new models, in which no less interesting and innovative solutions will be applied. After all, while practice shows that the best is far from being the enemy of the good. Model with Schildik R for those 2 years that exists on the market managed to set 6 world speed records. And your car can?

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