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Toyota is the leader in car sales

by sellrentcars

The market is constantly replenished with new models of cars, but the struggle between the auto giants does not stop for a second. Concerns GM and VW are fighting for the first place in the production of cars and components with Toyota.

Toyota has seen strong sales growth in recent years. Only between the beginning of this year and March, she managed to sell more than 2.5 million cars worldwide, although competitors are not far behind the Japanese leader – over the same period of time, both concerns managed to sell 2.4 million cars. In addition, Toyota’s sales figure is also significantly affected by the profit from its subsidiaries, while European companies decided not to take it into account in the data presented. Toyota’s most popular car is still the Aqua hatchback. Its main advantage is the overall size and low gas mileage. At http://avtoreliz/ you can find out more about this car.

The situation on the market also plays a positive role in the growth of sales of Toyota. This is due to a sharp weakening of the position of the national currency in the world market. In turn, VW is going to bypass the Japanese concern due to the growth of positions in the Chinese car market. However, apparently, the leaders of the German company forget that the Japanese company is represented in the Chinese market no less than VW itself. Preliminary forecasts also suggest that Toyota’s sales will cross the 10 million mark this year, a significant increase from 2013. Analysts suggest that the concern will hold a leading position until 2017.

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