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Alfa Romeo MiTo review

by sellrentcars

MiTo is the smallest car in the history of the company. The name comes from the cities where the car was designed (Milan and Turin). The design is designed in the style of powerful Alfa Romeo models. It is the most environmentally friendly model in its class. MiTo is a compact car with a sporty character.

Technical features of the car

Alfa Romeo MiTo offers three types of driving thanks to the DNA system. It handles well in urban environments. Engine capacity 1.4 l, power – 76 l.With. Excellent economic balance allows you to accelerate to 100 km / h in 8.2 seconds. The front panel is covered with carbon film, the steering wheel has a stunning finish. Trunk capacity is 270 liters in volume.

Thanks to the built-in information system, the car owner can use a mobile phone without taking his hands off the steering wheel. The key to the comfort of this model is comfortable seats, an audio system with four speakers and power windows.

The system provides fast gear changes in manual and automatic mode. Average fuel consumption – 5.6 liters. The body is made of 54% of high -strength steel and 16% hotstameta. The car is equipped with seven airbags. The landing behind the wheel is comfortable, high chair, steering wheel.

Pendants of different, but at the same time reliable types, make the car more maneuverable, comfortable and safe. The suspension adapted for three types is included in the complete equipment with shock absorbers with a variable characteristic. The front of the cabin is very spacious. The driver does not have a feeling of lack of space. This car is designed for the connoisseur of the corporate identity from Alfa Romeo.

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