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When tired of BMW and Mercedes. Rolls-Royce Ghost.

by sellrentcars

Our roads are full of motley cars. Here, in addition to the domestic auto industry, you can find expensive and very expensive foreign cars. But the most interesting is the next class of cars, which is even higher than very expensive foreign cars – premiums. Among them is the Rolls Royce Ghost, a car that revolutionized the concept of luxury branded cars that are mass-produced.

Few believed that the prototype shown a few years ago would be mass-produced, but the British were able to. Already in the parking lot in Domodedovo you can sometimes see such cars. 5.4 meter body of a passenger sedan hardly gives out its secret – the same platform is based on which fresh BMW 7er is based.

The design is made in a company classical style, but with reservations. The smooth lines of the head xenon headlights, a wide air intake of the front bumper and futuristic mirrors is what not to hide the conservatism that the guys from Rolls Royce tried so tried. The color of the body, by the way, can be selected any of 105 colors in the palette, and for special customers they can mix an exclusive color.

The interior continues the celebration of exclusive, luxury and madness. Natural wood, genuine leather of specially grown animals in special aviaries without sharp corners, LED backlight, a little fiber and wifi. It seems that they didn’t miss anything. It is difficult to find some shortcomings in the cabin of such a car, especially if you sit on the back sofa.

The motor remained unchanged from the previous Ghost. 6.A 6 liter V12 petrol engine with an automatic 8-speed gearbox accelerates the weighty Briton to hundreds in just 5 seconds, and the top speed is electronically limited to 250 km / h. To whom there are few stock 563 forces can already order a special “V” version in which the motor is 600 forces, and acceleration, thanks to this, became 4.7 seconds to 100km \ h.

The basic version of the car is already available for purchase, and you can already draw up for a special pre -order by choosing one of 105 colors of the body color.

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