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DIY car control panel

by sellrentcars

All car lovers want to drive in comfortable conditions, and one of these conditions is the interior of the cabin, in particular the control panel. But not everyone can afford a car that satisfies all the needs of the buyer, especially aftermarket cars, to put it simply, used cars. In this case, you need to do everything yourself or go to a tuning dealership, but there you will be charged a decent amount.

If you exclude a car dealership, then there will be an option with independent work, and you should not be afraid of these words in order to make a panel on a car with your own hands, you don’t need to be an engineering genius, it’s enough to get some tools and material. There are several ways to upgrade a torpedo. I will show you two ways in which you can accomplish this task.

The first and easiest is to cover the panel with new material. To do this, we need glue, a construction stapler and the actual material itself, with which we will sheathe the instrument panel. First you need to remove the torpedo from the car and pull out all the devices from it, then cut out a piece of material that can completely cover the panel, taking into account all the bends and inversions, after which we completely open the panel with glue and apply the pre-prepared material. When the gluing process takes place, you need to carefully smooth the material so that there are no bubbles under it, and it fits snugly against the panel, after which we wait until it dries completely. In the last step of this robot, we stretch the edges of our material and fix them with a construction stapler, we also cut holes for appliances and carry out the same operation. That’s all, we put the instruments and the panel in place and the interior tuning is completed.

The second method is a bit more complicated in that we will be making the panel ourselves. To do this, we need plywood, screws, a jigsaw and everything we needed for the first method. To start, we need to decide on the shape and prepare the frame. So that the frame is not strictly rectangular, we will have to give the product a roundness, this is easy to do with water, you need to slightly wet the plywood so that it becomes flexible and does not break at the bend, but do not overdo it, because the plywood can stick out from a large amount of water. The curved part must be fixed in such a position that it takes the desired shape. After that, we assemble all the parts into one whole, cut out the holes for the devices and fit the panel, as described in the first method.

As you can see, it is possible to make a panel on a car with your own hands, but you need to spend a little time on it.

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