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Switching speeds without problems

by sellrentcars

Timely car diagnostics can protect the owner from serious expenses. One of the most common breakdowns is the failure of the automatic transmission. In the event of a malfunction, a quick repair of the automatic transmission will be required. St. Petersburg, as the northern capital, offers a wide range of workshops.


An automatic transmission is a complex mechanism that provides gear shifting without driver intervention. It is part of the transmission unit along with the torque converter. The latter is responsible for softening shocks when shifting gears. Automatic transmission consists of overrunning and friction clutches, gearboxes, connecting drums and shafts.

Diagnostics and repair

Automatic transmission failure has several stages. At the first stage, the car is running, but the driver hears noises when changing speeds. In this case, setting a normal oil level can solve the problem. If this does not help, a visual inspection in the workshop will reveal the presence of more serious breakdowns, for example, an open circuit. Overhaul of automatic transmission involves the replacement of parts with new or used ones. To do this, the gearbox is removed from the car, disassembled and a complete diagnosis is carried out. During the examination, it becomes clear which components should be replaced. After agreeing on the cost of work with the car owner, the automatic transmission is re-mounted, attaching new parts. The process of assembly and installation of the unit can take from 1 to 3 days. When an automatic transmission breaks down, the driver must remember that the qualifications of the craftsmen play a key role in the effectiveness of the repair.

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