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Toyota Furia review

by sellrentcars

We already wrote about the debut of the Toyota Furia at the Detroit Auto Show. We managed to get to know this concept a little closer.

The new Toyota Furia surprised us a lot more than expected. Judging by this, all of Toyota’s efforts are focused on improving the design, which means that the debut of the Corolla Furia heralds a new round in the direction of design.

The exterior of the Furia is accentuated by LED headlights and 19-inch wheels with orange inserts and carbon fiber. LEDs accentuate the “eyebrows” spreading across the front of the hood, plus everything is complemented by vertical inserts at the corners of the front panel. The grille closely resembles the one found on the Avalon, but the Furia concept is made from sharper sheet metal.

Carbon inserts are present almost everywhere and even on the upper break of the rear window. Thin kink lines run through both door handles, which from the outside may look like a Suzuki Kizashi sedan.

Toyota Furia, shown at the Detroit Auto Show, has very low ground clearance. If it is just as small on a production Corolla, owners may consider purchasing clearance spacers at a reasonable price.

The taillights are exquisitely extended towards the center of the car, while the dual exhaust pipes are separated by sheet metal cuts. With the Corolla maintaining strong sales ratings over the past few years, the innovations introduced in the Toyota Furia seem to declare that the new model is not going to lose ground.

Compared to the Toyota Corolla, the Furia concept is 6 cm. longer and 5 cm wider, which visually gives the interior and trunk a significant increase in usable space. This could help the company compete with the compact Nissan Sentra. Although the Toyota Furia is just an exterior design concept, the car is not left with a transmission and all other mechanics. But this model perfectly illustrates what the next generations may look like in 1-2 years.

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