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Autumn travel

by sellrentcars

Summer days flew by, vacations ended, sea beaches were empty … Not many people know that it is autumn that is a great time for eco-tourism. After all, autumn is not just a very beautiful time of the year, the autumn rest also has many advantages.

What is good autumn rest

Autumn is the time when the majority of vacationers leave. After all, studies begin in schools and other educational institutions, and vacations cannot last all year round. And therefore, on warm autumn days, you can safely wander along the deserted sea beaches, breathing in the healing air, travel around without crowds and crush all the sights, walk along the streets of resort towns… And in the southern countries it is warm in autumn, almost like in summer. Even in the Crimea, you can still sunbathe and sunbathe! Autumn tourism is a good solution from a practical point of view – the best tour offers now have a price much lower than the same tours in summer. After all, autumn is the time of price reduction, the so-called “seasonal discounts” at most resorts. Moreover, not only tickets or tours become cheaper, but also the cost of living, services and, of course, prices in shops and markets.

Where to relax in autumn

You can relax in the autumn period anywhere. Fans of eco-tourism will like the mountainous Crimea or the Carpathians, Bukovel or, which is somewhat more expensive, the Alps. There are no winter trails here yet, but there is an opportunity to wander along the slopes of the mountains, admire the beautiful nature, go fishing in clean mountain lakes, go down the river … For lovers of extreme sports in the mountains, there is a great opportunity to go mountain climbing.

For those who cannot imagine a vacation without the gentle sea, and now there are a lot of various tours to the sea-ocean. You can fly to familiar Turkey or Egypt, or you can be seduced by an exquisite vacation in the Maldives or Seychelles. It all depends on your preferences and capabilities.

The main thing to remember is that autumn holidays have their advantages!

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