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Updated Mercedes-Benz CLS family

by sellrentcars

The Mercedes-Benz CLS family of models has a new car brand 220 BlueTEC. The novelty refers to the machines of the 2015 model year and is distinguished by the presence of adaptive headlights Multibeam LED.

These headlights are remarkable in that they contain several blocks, each of which consists of 24 LEDs. Due to the fact that the headlight control unit receives information from sensors and cameras at a frequency of 100 times per second, it is possible to provide the desired lighting angle and brightness.

It is important to note that this system can additionally, as it were, illuminate the roadway when cornering, as well as when driving in a circle. It can be added that Mercedes-Benz specialists are of the opinion that the headlights of a new car cannot dazzle other road users.

We can also add that the new German prestige car is equipped with a four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine with a volume of 2.1 liters, which provides a power of 167 liters.With.

It is noteworthy that in the more powerful CLS250 BlueTEC model, the same power unit is installed, which can already provide power of 200 liters.With. Customers will also be able to purchase the CLS350 BlueTEC version, which is available with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel engine capable of delivering 254 horsepower.With.

The German automaker produces instead of the CLS350 CGI model, now the CLS400 brand car, which received a new six-cylinder petrol engine with a volume of 3.5 liters and a power of 328 hp.With.

It is noteworthy that all new power units are produced in accordance with the Euro-6 standard. It is important to add that buyers have the opportunity to optionally order the equipment of the car with a nine-band automatic transmission 9G-Tronic. In any case, if you want to make any updates, it is better to contact the Mercedes Magistralnaya car service.

For lovers of powerful cars, Mercedes-Benz offers a new car in the CLS500 modification with an engine that produces 402 liters.With., as well as modified versions from AMG with an eight-cylinder power unit with a volume of 5.5 liters and a power of either 549 or even 577 liters.With.

Perhaps new models of German prestigious cars will be in demand in the markets of many countries.

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