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Aston Martin unveils new DB9

by sellrentcars

Representatives of the company Aston Martin told the general public about the new version of the DB9. As before, the car will be produced in two versions – convertible and coupe. The appearance of the car after modernization will change due to the new hood, radiator grille, as well as a slightly different shape of bumpers and air ducts. By and large, the changes are minor and only the most devoted connoisseurs of the model will be able to fully appreciate them. A little lower are two photographs: on the top you can see a novelty, and on the bottom – a pre-styling version.

A little more company engineers worked on the technical side of the machine. Specialists slightly processed the head and engine block, increased the throttle body, modernized the fuel pump, as well as the inlet collector. As a result, the 5.9l motor now develops a power of 517 liters.C (with a peak indicator of torque 620NM.). Moreover, from now on the engine is located below, which itself will affect the general “weight” of the machine. Now, the time required by the model to reach a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour decreased by as much as 0.2 seconds and is 4.6 seconds.

Among other things, the supercar will be equipped with brake discs made of ceramics and carbonate (by the way, it was thanks to this that it was possible to reduce the weight of the car by almost 13 kg). Also, the base version will receive the so-called adaptive dampers, new rims (20 inches), as well as original carbon inserts in the interior.

The presentation of the novelty will take place in Paris, the start of sales is expected in the coming months of this year. The estimated cost of a supercar is 175 thousand. Euro.

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