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Informed car purchase

by sellrentcars

After the decision to buy a car has been made, all the pros and cons of a particular model have been weighed, you should proceed to the final stage of the planned business – go to buying a car. When performing this process, one should act in the same way as in other important or extreme cases.

In the life of every person they meet constantly. Having made the decision to buy a Volkswagen Jetta, you need to stop doubting and regretting it. Of course, you can change the decision, but it should also be a decision made not under the pressure of emotions or circumstances.

The first thing a buyer encounters when he comes to a car dealership is the absence of the desired model, configuration or color. It is necessary to find the strength to answer “no” to the proposals of managers to take another model, almost the same. The correct actions in this situation would be the following: you need to listen to offers, take promotional materials and leave the salon. We should not forget that the decision to buy a VAZ 2115 has already been made and the pressure of sellers is not a reason to change it. As a rule, there is more than one car dealership in the city, in addition, for the sake of such a purchase, it makes sense to call the car dealerships of the nearest cities before giving up your choice.

The next important point is additional options and accessories. Almost all car dealerships like to impose various additional things on their customers. Floor mats, plastic license plate pads, additional service program or extended warranty. You need to pay attention to the cost of all this: most often it is inadequate. The same rules apply to such offers. Need to listen and refuse. Or agree, realizing that this is not done out of courtesy to sellers.

After inspecting the car, you need to carefully study the accompanying documents. Half an hour spent on reading the contract, checking numbers and questions about entries in the TCP will save the buyer from many problems and regrets about an unsuccessful purchase.

If the registration of the vehicle is not carried out directly in the salon – and some car dealerships provide such a service – you should immediately do it yourself. The law establishes a certain period, but it is highly undesirable to postpone this matter on one’s own initiative. Practice shows that the faster I got to the MREO, the earlier I got the numbers.

And the last thing: there should be five liters of fuel in the tank. But don’t count on it. It is important, under the impression of the purchase, not to forget to refuel at the nearest gas station.

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