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Maserati attracted attention to the premiere of Quattroporte (video)

by sellrentcars

Maserati representatives are in full swing accepting orders for the latest Quattroporte flagship … Of course, the company simply could not miss the Geneva Motor Show – and here again, the Quattroporte luxury sedan is presented.

Recall that the new Quattroporte was first presented in the winter, at the Detroitovsky car dealership – it is the USA market that evaluates the company’s management as the most strategic. A rather serious restyling of the lineup, for which the company recently took up, according to plans, should provide sales level more than 50 thousand. cars annually. In the meantime, all over the world for the past 2012, only 6307 copies of this model were bought. It is curious that it was Quattroporte that became an outsider who lied to the leading positions of such sportsmen as Grancabrio and Granturismo.

The last generation of the 4-door Maserati is designed to correct the current situation-the current Quattroporte turned out to be the fastest, and the most powerful of all the “four-days” that came out in the entire history of the existence of the company. In particular, the car is equipped with a 3.8-liter power plant, which is complemented by two turbines, which together provide about 530 liters.With. Power. Acceleration dynamics: 4.7 seconds to 100 km/h. In Europe, such a modification costs approximately 150 thousand. Euro. Of course, the Italians have a more affordable version with a 3.0 -liter engine and an output of 410 liters.With., for which they ask 110 thousand. Euro. It is noteworthy that both of these engines are produced by Ferrari, which is located in Maranello.

In the list of available equipment, you can find such options as: adjustable pedal node, Bowers audio complex & Wilkins with 15 loudspeakers (1280 watts of power), access function to a worldwide network, as well as an interior option with four seats separated by each other.

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