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Description of Toyota Prius

by sellrentcars

The Toyota Prius model is equipped with a gasoline engine together with electric motor-generators, while in its arsenal the car additionally has a battery (1.3-4.4 kWh). The battery can be recharged using the kinetic energy produced by the electric motor, using it as a generator.The peculiarity of the Prius engine is that it is able to produce electrical energy both due to the operation of a gasoline-based engine, as well as due to the regenerative braking system. In operation, the car can use both engines at the same time, and each separately. The fuel motor is representative of the Atkinson models, which indicates its economy in operating costs, but at the same time its power level is relatively low. The overall operation of the system engines is controlled by the on-board computer. Externally, the car has a streamlined shape, the air conditioning system is powered by a battery and does not depend on engines.

Benefits of the Toyota Prius:

– increased efficiency indicators;

– low rates of emissions into atmospheric balls;

– low noise figure due to the fact that at stops the engine turns off on its own, and also due to the fact that electric works together with the gasoline engine, or even instead of it;

– excellent aerodynamic characteristics:

The electric motor for traction always works with the maximum torque;

There is no gearbox system, since the car works with the help of a planetary gear;

– increased safety, both for passengers and for the driver due to:

Two absolutely independent systems for braking: friction and regenerative;

The weight of the machine is only 1240 kilograms;

Excellent results in various crash tests;

– ignition is switched on by an electronic key.

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