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Basic parameters for choosing a registrar

by sellrentcars

One of the common situations when you need a DVR is visiting memorable and resort places. However, in life, this device is an indispensable attribute of any car. In large cities, especially a DVR to buy in St. Petersburg during rush hours, accidents happen. The registrar is an irrefutable confirmation of your innocence.

You need to pay attention to the following factors:

· video quality;

· firmware;

viewing angle;

Is there a G – sensor;

GPS module and its capabilities.

All modern recording devices support Full HD video quality. Firmware update eliminates software bugs, which increases the reliability of the purchased instrument. The viewing angle of a stationary video recorder and the quality of the recording should be such that the license plates of cars can be seen in the dark and without distortion. With the help of the G-sensor, sharp braking, approaching obstacles, shocks and sudden accelerations are recorded. This allows you to pay special attention to the “Schumacher” and pedestrians. GPS and its benefits should also be remembered.

Why you might need GPS

The best way to accurately set your watch is to use GPS. Now many GPS navigators show not only an arrow at the location of your car, but also a lot of more useful information. For example, the next buy dvr hd portable dvr gas stations, first-aid posts. You can easily determine the distance between any two points. How GPS can be useful to you personally?

The main features that the GPS system provides:

you have the exact date and time displayed;

you know the current speed of the car;

· Your route is shown on the map;

you know about all the necessary objects (signs, traffic police posts);

you know your exact location and distance to your destination.

Knowing the location of traffic police posts, you will forget about paying fines for a long time.

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