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Tesla crossover will be adapted for women

by sellrentcars

In 2015, the serial crossover of the Tesla Motors brand will appear on the market. A feature of the new car will be that it will basically meet the requirements of the female part of humanity. About this during a monthly meeting with the shareholders of the company was reported by Elon Musk.

It was noted that the Model S sedan in many ways takes into account the wishes of men, and the requirements of women in it are practically leveled. It is this drawback that Model X should fix.

Today there are many models that are focused exclusively on the female contingent. Of course, over time, these models fail and require repairs that many hundred are engaged in. At the same time, some of the hundred on their portals post various recommendations. In particular, they note about situations in which the repair of Ford Transit should be done immediately, and also report cases in which it is enough to diagnose and some settings.

It was previously reported that the crossover should be released in 2014. However, for a number of reasons, this exit was delayed. One of the reasons is the optimization of the design of the rear doors, which should open upwards. As you know, the manufacturer gave them the name “falcon wings”. Such doors will need less space than “gull wings”.

Experts expect that the crossover for women will be available in three versions. One will be characterized by the presence of an electric motor and rear-wheel drive. The second will have two electric motors. The drive will then be complete. There will also be a “charged” version.

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