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Front-wheel drive BMW X1 will go on sale

by sellrentcars

BMW has long been dedicated to producing quality and versatile rear-wheel drive cars that are popular all over the world. However, marketers have identified the reason for the decline in car sales – the fact that the European population needs front-wheel drive car models that are more in line with expectations and aspirations.

That is why today engineers are working on the creation of the front-wheel drive BMWX1, on which the main hopes of the company lie. The novelty was named BMWX1 GT, because it is based on a modified and already well-known platform. Special roof rails on a car allow not only to completely change the look of the car, but also to expand its functionality. The new car has inherited many useful features from its older brothers, which becomes an indisputable plus.

Until recently, buyers of such cars were practically indifferent to the drive, but a certain category of the population is beginning to pay increased attention to this aspect. If the sales move at a good pace, then the company’s marketers will go even further by offering front-wheel drive hatchbacks to the public. It is at their expense that the company will be able to reach a new level of profitability from sales of its own cars in Europe and North America.

The tested novelty boasts ideal handling and stability parameters on the road, and also has a very attractive and comfortable design. Surely, even these indicators and parameters for many customers can be an ideal solution and choice for everyday driving. It remains to be hoped that the updated cars of the company will appear on the domestic market in the very near future.

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