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Mitsubishi outlander xl review.

by sellrentcars

Today, the third generation of the Mitsubishi outlander is on sale, which should also successfully continue the traditions of the Japanese manufacturer, but despite this, the outlander xl is still popular. In general, the dimensions of the new generation car have not changed much. The tailgate now opens entirely up, and not like the previous generation in parts.

In general, today we can already say that the Mitsubishi outlander xl turned out to be quite successful. Under the hood of a car in our country, you can only find gasoline engines with a displacement of 2 or 2.4 liters. Also quite rare is a three-liter six-cylinder three-liter engine. The most powerful motor was supplied only with automatic transmission and all -wheel drive. Weaker motors could be joined with a mechanical gearbox, while the drive could only be front, and not complete. A system connected a full -wheel drive system was installed on the car, while most of the time the car remained front -line drive, and in the event of a wheelhouse, the rear axle was connected. Full -wheel drive can be connected forcibly by turning the regulator on the instrument panel, but with a set of velocity, the electronics will still turn it off to save fuel.

The car suspension is completely independent in all trim levels, while it is quite tough, but very energy -intensive, which allows you to go at high speed without swinging the body along a bad road.

The interior of the car is quite spacious and comfortable, the second row of seats can be adjusted according to the angle of inclination, which is very convenient on a long journey. In some configurations, a third row of seats could be installed, which can comfortably accommodate only a not tall person, while sitting there for quite a long time is not very convenient.

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