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Opel plans to revive the Monza coupe

by sellrentcars

The famous German automaker is going to revive the rear-wheel drive Monza coupe. It was produced earlier from the late 1970s until 1986.

The concept of the novelty is being prepared for the autumn automotive event, scheduled for autumn in one of the German cities. A distinctive feature of the new coupe will be that the novelty will be rear-wheel drive.

As one of the top managers of the German automaker Monza noted, it will be a two-seater coupe and it is planned to use the American Cadillac ATS platform for its production. In terms of powertrains, buyers of the new coupe will be able to choose from multiple four-cylinder engines and one six-cylinder. At the same time, the V6 engine will have a volume of more than three liters and will be able to provide a power of 325 liters.With. It is important to add that motorists get the opportunity to choose a coupe with both a manual and an automatic transmission.  The German automaker has not yet disclosed information about the design of new items.

Rear-wheel drive cars, as a rule, do not have very good cross-country ability compared to front-wheel drive cars. This fact allows us to conclude that the new Opel coupe is most likely intended for the European and US markets. In these countries, there are many well-surfaced roads on which you can accelerate to high speeds in a new coupe. As for the automotive market in Russia and other CIS countries, it is rather problematic to operate such a coupe with a powerful engine on the roads of these countries. There is a risk of a car breakdown and subsequent dent repair due to the poor quality of the road surface.

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