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The main malfunctions of car air conditioners

by sellrentcars

In the car, as in the home, you want to feel comfortable. Car air conditioners are designed to lower the temperature in the cabin to suitable parameters, and at the same time remove excess moisture vapor and unwanted odors. Unfortunately, any mechanism is subject to wear and tear, and air conditioners in this case are no exception. The failure of the unit is a reason to contact the service departments. Otherwise, being inside the car will not be quite pleasant.

How to identify a breakdown?

Belated repair of the air cooling system in the cabin can quite significantly hit a pocket. Auto -Contractor is a complex system consisting of many elements, for each of which there are signs of malfunctions.

The appearance of noise at the place of installation of the compressor will indicate that the muffle bearing has worn out (then the noise will appear regardless of whether the air conditioner is working or not), or that the problem should be sought in the node (in this case, you can often observe Oil Subtens on his case).

Spontaneous shutdown of the system are a signal for paying attention to the capacitor (radiator). Most likely, he clogged with dirt, and he must be cleaned. Delay in this situation will lead to a decrease in heat transfer, an increase in pressure in the system and accelerated corrosion of the aluminum parts of the condenser.

The appearance of water and a marsh smell in the passenger compartment are signs of a malfunction of the evaporator: corrosion of its parts and blockage of the drainage system with dirt.

Ignoring signals about a problem that has arisen can lead to sad consequences for the vehicle and the car owner’s wallet. Therefore, you should contact a car service immediately after their appearance.

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