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Coupe Mercedes-Benz C-Class

by sellrentcars

The well-known automaker Mercedes-Benz is going to show about 12 new car models by 2020. As part of these ambitious plans, at the end of next year, the German automaker may start selling an updated coupe related to the C-Class line.

As experts suggest, the new prestigious car may differ in the same overall dimensions as the C-Class sedan. So, in particular, the length of the coupe can reach 4686 mm, but the width and height of the coupe may be different.

In addition, the coupe model will have an original body design, different from the external design of the sedan. According to experts, a turbocharged two-liter engine with a capacity of 245 liters can enter the line of engines of the new prestigious coupe.With. and a twin-turbo six-cylinder four-liter powertrain.

There is information that in 2016 a charged version of this coupe from the AMG tuning agency may appear. The modified modification will be equipped with an eight-cylinder four-liter turbocharged engine, which was previously shown on the AMG GT model. At the same time, the power unit of the new coupe will be available with a capacity of 476 liters.With., and 510 l.With.

It is important to add that the official show of the updated C-Class cabriolet may take place next fall. Recently, photos of the interior of the cabin of the future convertible, as well as photographs of the prototype of the new car, were published on some network resources.

At the same time, the German automaker is exploring the possibility of releasing a four-door coupe, which will occupy a niche between the popular CLA and CLS cars.

Currently, the updated C-Class models are available in sedan and station wagon body styles. Russian motorists can buy such a prestigious car only in a sedan. At the same time, the price of the car starts from 1.49 million. rubles. Obviously, for this car, even repair of autoradiators will cost a round sum.  Perhaps the compartment of the C-Class brand will be in demand as buyers of the German market, so motorists from other countries.

Often, automakers produce a compartment based on the model that is already in demand in one or more markets. It can be assumed that the C-Class sedan, on the basis of which a new compartment is created, shows a good sales volume.

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