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Official information about the new Lada Kalina II

by sellrentcars

AvtoVAZ presented new official information about the new generation car Lada Kalina.

The new Lada Kalina II will be equipped with 3 different engine options. In the basic version, the motor will be set to 1.6 l. and 87 l.With., coupled with manual transmission. The other power unit will have a volume of 1.6 liters at 98 l.With., and will be installed in tandem with the “automatic” Jatco. The most powerful motors will be a 16-valve engine with a volume of 1.6 liters with an upgraded start system, at 106 liters.With. Such a motor will work in tandem with a manual transmission.

For the second generation Lada Kalina, the manual transmission was upgraded and it received a cable drive from Atsumitec, as well as a multi-cone synchronizer for first and second gears. Regarding the automatic transmission, it will be installed on this model for the first time. For driving in the mountains and overtaking on the highway, they created a button that disables the “over drive” (higher gear), and for driving on the highway, they created a “virtual fifth gear”, which reduces fuel consumption.

Also, Lada Kalina II will be equipped with a new chassis, which has received the following changes: the steering beam has been shortened with a gear ratio of 3.1, increased caster and negative camber rear beam. In addition, the creators have developed new shock absorbers, silent blocks, springs and stabilizers to improve lateral stability. All these changes to the suspension will be made during this year.

As for the interior, the heating and ventilation systems will be changed here. The “luxury” package will have a climate system that will automatically control the temperature, direction of sweat, as well as the intensity.

Serial production of Lada Kalina II will begin in May, and sales will begin in June 2013. At first, this car will be offered only in the “luxury” configuration, and eventually in cheaper options. Regarding the price of the new Lada Kalina, there is no information yet.

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