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Opel Astra J Hatchback 2015: dry facts about the fat model

by sellrentcars

Opel management, changing the concept from a dozen years ago, of course, did the right thing. New models have not lost their recognition and, at the same time, they have not merged with the flow. Cars with individuality, with increased comfort, with completely new views on reliability and durability. The only thing that has remained the same is the approach to pricing policy. New Opels were and remain very competitive. This is probably why sales of Astra and Vectra do not fall at all, which means that we can continue to work.

Here is a team from Rüsselheim and working. Next in line is the updated Astra hatchback, which has already appeared in our showrooms. Of course, there is not much new in appearance, but the hatch has definitely become more attractive. It has become, in appearance, more massive and sporty at the same time, the optics and the radiator grille have changed. Opel spare parts stores in Moscow are still ready to offer any new spare part, so there is no need to worry about the availability of repairs in the post-warranty period. In general, the classic scheme worked this time too. No wonder the car is about to receive its 17th Best Design Award.

But Opel is not glorious with drawings alone. Astra, although not a premium segment, boasts interesting features. For example, installing a branded adaptive light or a parking camera becomes a standard set of options.

The usual MacPherson front was complemented by an interesting rear suspension. Separate springs and shock absorbers are mounted on a torsion beam, which is assisted by slightly spaced Watt levers, which customers liked. On our roads, such a suspension copes very well with lateral loads and easily absorbs shocks from bumps and influxes. More expensive models are fitted with FlexRide electronic stability control.

Curious facts are hidden under the hood. In Astra, together with Korsa, they began to hone new technologies in engine building. one.4 liter engine here produces 140 forces, and 1.6 liter already 170. Economical, reliable, powerful and revving engines are characterized by low emission of harmful substances and, as a result, one of the lowest taxes.

Astra 2015 is perhaps the best choice for those who want to get a car with all the necessary features but without overpaying for what is annoyingly imposed by the automaker.

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