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Renault Duster Review 2015

by sellrentcars

Renault Duster began its history in 2009. Since then, the Duster has won the love of many motorists. Popularity is explained simply, price – quality. Driving performance, cross-country ability and reliability of the car justify all hopes. In order to prevent a drop in demand and the fact that the car ceases to be interesting in its target audience, an update took place in 2015.

The appearance of the car has never been distinguished by sophistication, style and “bells and whistles”. After updating the special changes in appearance did not occur. This made it possible not to increase the prices for this car and thereby it remained in the segment of the budget crossover. The appearance did not radically change the appearance and for the reason that initially the design of the crossover liked the motorists and many fell in love with a restrained appearance, so investing in changing the strength of the car is impractical.

Of the changes, it is worth noting the front headlights and the new location of the running lights. The radiator grille has changed, it is made of a mesh of a cellular. All this gives brutality to the new Renault Duster. The air intake is represented by a small grille and is located under the plastic beam of the front bumper. Duster’s dimensions have not changed and make up 4.315×1.822×1.625 meters. Of the changes, it is also worth noting that the color scheme of the car has become richer.

Salon Duster has changed more, but something drastic has not happened. The maximum configuration is equipped with a touch-screen multimedia system with a screen of 7 “. Plastic in the cabin has become better, softer. The dashboard has become more convenient, all information from it is easily perceived and read even in strong sun. The driver and passenger seats have changed. The lateral support of the chair has become more thoughtful, the back profile is comfortable, which makes it possible not to get tired during long trips.

The trunk remains the same, rather small size. Trunk capacity ranges from 408 to 475 liters depending on vehicle equipment.

Duster is liked by many not for the interior or appearance. This car has a wide range of engines. So, in the updated version, three gasoline options and two diesel units are presented. The new version also has a V and a half liter diesel engine, which produces 109 horsepower. A gasoline unit with a volume of one liter and two hundred milliliters acquired a turbo unit and can produce up to 125 horsepower.

This is a budget option and its price starts from 534 thousand rubles. The maximum configuration will cost 881 thousand rubles.

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