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Moving at the speed of light – 5 simple recommendations

by sellrentcars

The desire to finish the move faster is fully justified and does not require explanation. The following principles for moving quickly are hardly innovative, but they work, and this is the most important thing. So, 5 simple recommendations that will allow you to change the situation in a matter of hours.

The quieter you go, the further you’ll get. You should prepare for the move in advance, ideally a month before the “X” day. It is not necessary to fuss at all and make sudden movements – it is enough to devote only 1 hour a day to the fees. During this time, a complete understanding of the problem will come.

From a small big one will not work. One of the most common techniques for short distances is multiple transportation on a small machine. This helps to save if payment is made during the time, and not on the fact of renting a unit of transport. But this method is not suitable if cargo transportation is planned in Moscow or another metropolis, because the car can stop in traffic, even when traveling to a neighboring microdistrict. If you need to transport many things, it is better to call a spacious truck than a tiny Gazelle.

Time is money. Companies that often move from office to office do it in the evening or at night, when the risk of getting stuck in the cork is minimal, which means that the move will be carried out quickly and without problems. In addition, the roads are less busy on weekends, in particular on Sunday mornings and afternoons.

Packing on time. Of course, boxes for packing things are now sold at every turn, but … Somewhere they are in abundance, but there are no necessary sizes, and where they are, they are not enough. In addition, if you order packaging in advance, you do not have to worry about disrupting delivery times. In general, it’s better to buy a package earlier, which will avoid the hassle later.

We delegate obligations. Of course, each of the 24 crystal glasses can be wrapped with foil yourself. Not a problem to pack other fragile and oversized items. But it’s time, and as mentioned above: time is money. Professional packers, and every major trucking company has them, will do the same job several times faster and with better quality. Delegation never hurt anyone.

If you follow these simple recommendations, cargo transportation in Moscow and the region, to other regions and even abroad will be carried out in the shortest possible time. This, in turn, will significantly save money that can always be spent on more useful things, for example, on arranging a new home.

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