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Overview of cars and special equipment produced by the Swedish company Volvo.

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Volvo is known not only for its cars, but also for special equipment, as well as trucks. The Swedish company primarily pays attention to the safety and comfort of its equipment, and it is for this that it is valued by a large number of people around the world. Information about and prices for Vovlo cars are available here /avtomobili/volvo-xc90/. Volvo flatbed trucks and truck tractors are also very popular in our country, primarily due to their reliability and reliability. The trucks of the Swedish company use the same modern security systems as cars. So, for example, on some truck models, active cruise control is installed, which can not only maintain a given speed and a given distance to the car in front along the highway, but also brake independently if there is any obstacle in the way of the car.

Volvo, despite the production of a large number of cars and trucks, still receives most of the profit from the production of special equipment. So, for example, it produces various excavators and bulldozers, road equipment, as well as special equipment built on the basis of truck chassis. There are models of tow trucks capable of towing tractors along with a trailer. The advantage of Volvo trucks over competitors lies also in the modern diesel engines of its own production, which are installed on it. Among the passenger cars produced by the company there are both medium and business class sedans and all-wheel drive SUVs. All Volvo passenger cars have the highest safety score in independent tests.

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