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Several advantages in favor of contract spare parts

by sellrentcars

Contract engines, gearboxes are quite competitive and are an excellent alternative to new original components. Before entering the territory of Russia, such spare parts serve foreign cars for several years, which drive on roads with an almost perfectly flat surface, while using high-quality fuels and lubricants. Since abroad a car of 3-5 years is considered morally obsolete, it is more profitable for its owner to purchase a new one in order to avoid increasing the tax rate.

Filmed from machines subject to disposal, units are tested on special equipment. Only after obtaining results confirming the satisfactory quality and sufficient resource, do they enter the domestic market for contract parts and nodes. Legal crossing of the borders of the Russian Federation is confirmed by the necessary customs documents.

Installing contract spare parts has its advantages:

The price of such engines, Daewoo Nexia, manual transmission and automatic transmission generators are several times lower than the cost of new ones from the same manufacturer, and their potential has been developed no more than half.

Replacing the motor as a whole is much more reliable than replacing its individual parts. You can take advantage of the case and install a more powerful engine with minimal investments.

Overhaul of the engine is a serious and capacious work, which is completely impossible without a good professional mechanic. In addition, you will not get any significant guarantees for the restored engine. To avoid risks associated with insufficient competence or experience of car service mechanics, abandon overhaul and replace the unusable unit with a contract engine. With this approach, he will be able to serve you for many more years.

Strongly executed documents confirm the origin of the original contract spare parts, which is far from always not always can boast of car services selling new “left” details and nodes. Doubtful auto parts can significantly reduce the service life of the car and the lifetime of its owner.

Motormall has directed direct deliveries of contract spare parts from Korea for Hyundai, Ssangyong, Kia, Chevrolet, Daewoo, implemented from a warehouse in Moscow. For regional consumers, there is a delivery service provided by a transport company located next to the warehouse.

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