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What is a widespread print

by sellrentcars

Many organizations and private individuals often use the method of applying on rolled materials (since the possibility of convenient transportation) of a certain image of high quality and large size is needed. Widespread print/SHIROKOFORMATNAYA-PEChat/allows you to create posters, stretch marks, banners or similar products of the necessary dimensions that will have the appearance specified by the Customer.

Basically, the drawing occurs on the following materials:



Vinyl film.

Special fabric for banners.

Thanks to the use of high -tech plotters (devices for automatic accurate drawing of the picture), large -format printing helps to get an image of very good quality of almost any size.

Areas of use

The most widespread large-format printing has spread in the following areas of activity:

Advertising. Thanks to the possibility of creating overalls with high resolution, this method of promoting goods or services is especially effective on the streets or places of mass accumulation of people. Companies order banners, stretch marks, posters and glue billboards in order to attract potential consumers. Print technology for outdoor advertising involves the use of wear -resistant materials.

Interior Design. Wide format printing in this area is used to design exhibitions and stands, decoration of the walls with photographs and copies of works of art or any pattern of your choice.

Due to the possibility of operation both in the room and outside, images created by the method of large format printing can be useful to almost everyone.

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