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Bentley plans to produce individual bodies

by sellrentcars

The British Bentley Automobile Producer will soon create a separate unit, which can develop individual bodies for cars on customer orders. Information about such plans of the company is reported by one of the thematic publications, while referring to the top manager of the British Auto Concert.

You can see that previously Bentley customers had the opportunity to choose a body option for the proposed chassis. 50 specialized workshops worked in the capital of Great Britain, who were aimed at fulfilling such wishes.

As one of the leaders of Bentley, individual bodies notes, can be considered a kind of automobile “Ot-Kutur”. There are assumptions that many motorists will be interested in purchasing a machine made for individual human requests. At the same time, such production does not cause technical difficulties, but an individual model can cost about 5 million. British pounds. It is obvious that even in such prestigious taxi services as a taxi formula, there will be no such models. But the number of people who want to order this taxi service will not decrease from this.

To date, the management of the Bentley automaker is actively studying the possibilities regarding the implementation of such plans. On the part of the management of the British company there is a clear interest in the production of individual bodies. According to the official representative of the British automaker, work on the creation of a new specialized division at Bentley will begin to be actively carried out next year.

It can be added that the development of cars with individual body options is actively promoted by some automakers. In particular, the Italian company Ferrari back in 2006 created, by order of one of the private collectors, a car based on the Enzo model. With the implementation of this order, the program for the individual production of machines, called One-to-One, was launched. Then the Italian automaker released a special version of the FF model for one of the Japanese customers and a special car for one of the famous musicians.

It is important to add that in 2012 McLaren also showed a unique X-1 sports car, created for one of the collectors. According to experts, such a service may be in demand among a large number of motorists.

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