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Bentley will bring the updated Flying Spur to Geneva (video)

by sellrentcars

Bentley is working to modernize its most affordable sedan. The latest generation Continental Flying Spur will be demonstrated by the audience at the Motor Show in Geneva, but for now, representatives of the company publish little about talking teasers.

The emergence of a new Flying Spur about which the company has officially announced a continuation of the Continental generation process – part of which is considered a “flying spur”. This process has been developing since 2010, when an updated version of the Continental GT coupe was born. Although there are assumptions that after the debut of Flying Spur, the novelty will lose a complex name and will be positioned in the form of an independent model.

Most likely, the appearance of the sedan of radical changes will not receive. You can suspect that the appearance will be rethought in the same direction as the style of other recent new products – the Continental GT compartment and the flagship mulsanne. It is expected that the new sedan will be equipped with new lighting equipment, and the most noticeable innovations will be updated outlines of the rear racks and a changed window sill line.

The platform will remain the same, but the line of power plants will be changed. Now it will include a 4 -liter engine already known to everyone: on the Continental GT model, this unit provides about 507 liters.With. Power. By the way, from the current engine for 560 liters.With. Bentley does not plan to refuse – only the transmission with which it works will change. So, the “flying spur” will be equipped with an automatic box from the ZF series. Most likely, the Speed ​​option, which is now equipped with an engine of 610 liters.With.

The premiere of the novelty is planned for the spring auto exhibition in Geneva. But, it should be noted that Bentley mentioned that no one was going to pull with the spread of information. A virtual presentation of the novelty can be held on February 20.

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