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TOP 10 biggest cars in the world

by sellrentcars

The automotive community is very diverse. For someone, an ordinary, “stock” car that does not stand out from the general flow is enough, someone is a fan of aggressive and sometimes strange tuning – then a semi-trailer tank for transporting gasoline for the same sports car may well be attached to a sports car. Someone likes small cars, but someone doesn’t like the biggest ones. Today we will talk about the latter.

Giants on wheels

The largest, and, moreover, tallest limousine in the world was created in America and is called Quoter. Why trifle, the guys turned out to be almost a truck! Although this giant has to move on the podium of outstanding limousines, because the same Americans created the longest limousine on Earth, which can only be ordered at a very serious price and agreement.

The most “workable” of the world of cars is the Liebherr T 282B truck, capable of lifting and transporting almost four hundred tons, and its price is approaching five million dollars. It is a pity that this monster does not rely on a flatbed semi-trailer, otherwise its creators would claim the title of the richest people in the automotive industry. Not far from the truck left the largest tractor of all, with a capacity of nine hundred horsepower! To be honest, it’s hard to imagine..

Two more modes of transport that we are used to seeing rather modest sizes are a seven-meter motorcycle created by Greg Dunham, and a giant solar-powered carriage – almost four meters high. By the way, the motorcycle was built on a bet, after which it was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. And in the world there are two records for bicycles. The first, designed for twenty-five people, was invented by schoolchildren. The second, reaching four meters in height, was created by the German master Didi, who has more than one world record on his account. Do you still drive a regular car??

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