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by sellrentcars

Trucking companies do not often encounter orders for the transport of cars, more precisely, for the transport of personal vehicles. Popularization of street racing, car tuning, as well as the availability of sports cars on the market that are easily amenable to major changes in the chassis and bodywork, have led to such a “boom” among motorists that many wealthy drivers spend several weeks a year traveling between cities where car festivals, races and shows are held. This has created a completely new area of ​​activity for trucking companies – the transportation of luxury and sports cars.

There are serious requirements for trucks to transport such vehicles. Very often, the overall dimensions of tuned cars differ from the factory indicators, and therefore it is difficult to transport them on some types of cargo bodies. For transportation on specialized vehicles that transport cars from city to city for distribution, traffic routes and schedules are often not suitable. There are a number of trucking companies that provide car owners of custom sports cars with special box trucks. Inside the body there are special fasteners for fixing the transported car, and the walls are equipped with bumpers to mitigate possible impacts in case of sudden braking, minor accidents. In some cases, it is even possible to equip the body with a video camera for constant monitoring of the car. The last option is of particular interest to owners of executive cars.

These precautions are not a whim of motorists. The cost of many converted cars is several times higher than the market value of the car itself. For example, a body kit on a Chevrolet Cruze, depending on what components and types of materials are used, can cost up to 10-15 thousand. dollars. At the same time, the cost of the chassis, electronics, the car itself is not taken into account. For many motorists, the option of “insurance” of cargo will be of interest, which also applies to such expensive “cargo”. In this case, even in case of unexpected incidents, you can count on compensation from the insurance company, which will be more difficult to do if you drive the car on your own. Many insurance companies simply do not agree to insurance of a car that has undergone such serious changes in the design, and therefore, in an accident, no company will make a real assessment of the car.

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